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Dear Sirs:
I own a 2005 Harley Road King and have been using prolong engine treatment for years.
I purchase your product at auto zone here in Elizabethtown, KY. My Road King has almost 100,000 miles on her and the engine still runs smooth and hardly uses any oil in between
I add 8 oz of prolong to every oil change. I know prolong is the reason for the longevity of my engine.
Thank you for this wonderful product
Yours Truly
Jack Bacon


Jim Cooper
Best kept secret in the automotive world Been using many of the Prolong products for over 25 years. Best kept secret in the automotive world. Engine Treatment, when introduced to the public, was "over-hyped," not related to actual product performance, but to the public's belief. I suspect many fleet owners use the product due to the unrivaled extension of the need for major repair work, in addition to the increase in fuel mileage. If you're like me (not everyone is), I buy a car intending to keep it in-service for at least 10 years. 1996 Chevy Tahoe (5.7 liter engine) had 543,000 miles on it when it was wrecked in 2009, & had never had ANY major engine repairs. I do ALL standard maintenance myself. I replaced my Tahoe with a 2009 Kia Sorento (3.3 liter V-6), and I currently have 228,000 miles on it with NO major engine repairs. I use Transmission Treatment, SPL Spray Lubricant, Super Protectant, & Multi-Purpose Precision Oil. I have introduced many friends & family to PROLONG PRODUCTS over the years, and they think I am much smarter than I am.

Young Person Testimonial

I just wanted to thank you for the speedy replacement of the SPL 100. I was thrilled to get 2 cans. Your product has been a mainstay in my garage for years. I have used the engine treatment and a very good friend of mine who lives in Normandy, France was visiting. He asked if I had success with the treatment. After explaining how it made my engine purr like a kitten he took  complete set back to France. When he went on line to buy the product in his area it was almost 2 1/2X more expensive.

 Sincerely jeff , father of “our little mermaid”, Ariel..


Charles Beebe
Best additive on the market for your oil! I swear by this stuff. Use it all my engines. My truck has 406000 miles on it and still going strong. Harley has 87000 miles on it and still runs great. The best story is my old boat. It had twin Chevy 350ci V8 inboards. After 1500 hours the salt water had finally rusted through the heads and sea water was pouring into the starboard engine. And it still ran with all that seawater in the engine! Prolong is amazing stuff!

Hand Written

Saved my engine when oil plug was not secure and oil drained out. I first used this product in 1997 in a 1994 Nissan Altima with about 36,000 miles on it at the time. My timing was good because I put in right after an oil change at Wal-Mart and they didn't secure the oil plug. I drove 20 miles on I-64 to Louisville so 65 mph. The engine was smoking before I reached my destination. When I pulled into my office and popped the hood it was smoking because oil had sprayed all over the engine bay. I called and Wal-Mart sent a technician out and confirmed that all the oil was out of the engine. They were very worried and surprised the engine didn't seize up over that distance at highway speed. My older brother is a mechanic and transmission specialist and was also surprised it didn't seize up. I have no other explanation for the engine being saved than because I used Prolong engine treatment. I continued to use the Prolong booster every other oil change after that. I drove the car to 100,000 miles and sold it to a friend who put another 30,000 miles before he sold it.

Typed Testimonial

I have a 1999 Chevrolet 1500 pickup. This truck has 205,000 miles and has not had a single oil leak or tune-up since I bought it new. Needless to say, I have driven the tires off of this truck several times! Your Prolong Engine Treatment and Transmission Treatment are the reason I am still driving this truck everyday. I put Prolong in the engine and the transmission ever since the manufacturer’s warranty ran out. I will take your product over any warranty any day!!! Thank you, Prolong, for a fine product.  Alan V., Plano, TX

Hand Written

Richard Jacoby

Highly impressed. I have to admit, I was skeptical but I purchased this product from my boat engine because it was recommended to me by my marina. I also was shocked at the sheer number for five star reviews, I don't think I've seen a product with a higher percentage of perfect reviews on amazon.
I'm running a 5.7 Volvo Penta GXI which has closed cooling. I generally run at 175 degrees with a 160 thermostat, which is quite normal. Within five mins of adding prolong to the oil, I noticed the engine got significantly quieter and seem to be running great. Once on the water, my engine temp went from the 175 degree normal reading to 165 a166 and never budged of that reading despite running at WOT. This is not typical for this engine and I was quite impressed. The engine has never sounded better or ran better. I don't know what to say other than this product certainly works. I've only used it for a few days but I'm am highly impressed.

Client Typed Out

I have used and promoted Prolong since I saw your infomercial, before you could even buy it in stores. I’ve been extremely happy with all your products. I could tell you about things that impressed me like after 25,000 miles with Prolong Transmission Treatment, I took it to my mechanic to change the filter and transmission fluid. He said that in all the time he has changed the fluid with me using the product there has never been any fine grindings in the pan, which to me means no wear.
W. Maurer, Saint Helen, MI

Professional Testimonial

One of my vehicles is a ’92 Suburban with an odometer reading of 285,000 miles. Since discovering Prolong products, six or seven years ago, I have used both your Engine Treatment and Transmission Treatment religiously. In the past two years I have also used your Injector Treatment and Fuel System Cleaner each Spring and Fall, as well. The results are so amazing that a note seemed in order. The original automatic transmission is continuing to shift smoothly as designed. My mechanic friend is extremely impressed by the engine and transmission performance.
J. Jacobson, New Brighton, MN

I bought a full size Chevy truck in 1991 with 39,000 miles on it. Today, I have 520,000 miles on it! We have been using Prolong engine and transmission treatment since and have never had any engine problems. Our transmission went out at 100,000 miles. When we had it replaced, we put the transmission treatment in. We were driving down the freeway when the transmission started to free wheel. We found one of the hoses was broke. We replaced it and went on our way. Come to find out the transmission line broke at my house about 120 miles from where we stopped. The transmission has lasted 400,000 miles and my truck is still running as strong as ever. Thanks for a great product.
D. Ales, Sacramento, CA

Amazon Customer
Prolong got my wife home I purchase prolong engine treatment reluctant to believe what it would do treated my wife's car and my truck with prolong one evening my wife called me said there was steam coming out from under the hood told her do not let engine overheat this was in 98 Cavalier 4 cylinder aluminum motor she said it stopped smoking and couldn't see anything wrong she proceeded to drive the vehicle another 38 miles to where I was working when raised Hood found bottom radiator hose broke there was no antifreeze left in the radiator I just knew the motor was ruined I replace the hose on a radiator filled with antifreeze and we continue driving vehicle to my surprise it did not hurt the engine I sense taken another old vehicle an experiment old 302 Ford already burning oil smoking treated it with provolone drain the oil drove 300 miles the more I drove it the better it run oh yeah it didn't have a radiator in it I am now I'm a Believer prolong I put it in everything even a 5 horse Briggs and Stratton rototiller motor it's now 15 years old still running good

I want to say I use Prolong in all of my vehicles and I will not put no other treatment in them. I use from your engine treatment to your trans. treatment and not even once haves it ever let me down.
I greatly thank you and I will always use Prolong.
Tim B., Dillwyn, VA

Jeffrey M. Foresta
Prolong "Walks the Walk" I have used Prolong engine treatment for several years with outstanding results. My engine runs quieter, and cold weather startups are not a problem regarding engine wear due to the excellent protection qualities of Prolong. I drive most of my cars well beyond 100,000 miles and the normal increase in engine oil consumption (a good indication of engine wear) as the engine accumulates more miles is almost non-existent when I am using Prolong engine treatment (and also assuming proper care, operation and maintenance of the engine). Using Prolong on three of my automobiles for several years each, the increase in the engine's oil consumption between 40,000 miles and 120,000 miles was nearly unchanged. The engine would often outlast the other major parts of the car before they needed repair or replacement. I highly recommend this excellent product.

“No questions… Just comments. The way I talk to friends about prolong. You would think I own this company. I have been using these products starting in 1994 with the Engine treatment. Now I use everything you make.
I cut grass for a living, and make a good living doing it. At one of my kids birthday party I thought about a good prolong engine treatment demonstration. I got out a yard man push mower,with a 4.5 HP Briggs on it. It uses a splash system for lubrication. Well…the machine holds 1 us qt of SAE 30 of oil. I poured 2 oz of engine treatment in the engine and cranked it up. People watched while I began to mow my yard while a party was going on. About 5 min of mowing I shut it down and pulled the drain plug and all the oil poured out into a pan. people were looking at me like I was on pills! I put the drain plug on the step of the house and started cutting grass again. Oil free! 5 people took turns pushing the mower ( in the heat of the summer) know one could understand what was going on. I then set the running mower aside and let it run out of gas. My friends watched as the mower ran.
We all got in my toyota and went to autozone and the each got a bottle of engine treatment. I could work for this company salary free. I just love the stuff! ”
Bill L., Lumberton, MS

Tom Gibson
The results are in.... So far so good. Decided to try this in my 1995 F350 7.3 diesel. After this last vacation it will be in there from now on. I gained quite a bit with mpg's and the truck has never ran so cool. I also used their transmission stuff. I went from 12mpg to 17 mpg driving my normal driving. I actually got 22 mpg's( best ever prior to this was 16mpg) on one fill up doing back road highways across CO. It's in the mower now also and when I do a oil change on the tractor it is going in there as well. I'm a customer for life..Send coupons!!!!!.

To the Prolong team:
On behalf of the entire Jam-Air Motorsports team, we are pleased to report that we opened the season by winning the event at Barona on Saturday night and have taken the early season points lead. In testing on Friday Night… we broke the track records for both ET & MPH.
We would like to thank you, Pro Long, & Golden West for all of your support in 2009 so far. Without your support and the efforts of the guys who do all the work on the car, none of it would be possible.
The team completed the new body late Wednesday night and we debuted it this weekend at the CIFCA season opener in San Diego, CA. This is the same class that we won the championship in last year. We have been to 5 final round in the last 5 races, and have won 4 of 5, with parts breakage keeping us from making the one final round last year.
I have attached 2 photos. We hope that the end result is something that we can all be proud of.
Thank You, ”
Will MartinDriver – Jam-Air Motorsports team
Prolong Jam Air Alcohol Funny Car

“I have been pushing your product on my family and friends since 1996. I was attending DeVry University in 1996 when the unexpected happened to my car. It was a 30 mile trip one way to school. I owned an 84 Z28 and decided to race an older gentleman in his mustang on my way to class on I294. I pushed my stock Z28 way beyond its limits. I won the wimpy race and made it to class with plenty of time to spare. After 8 hours of class I approached my vehicle to see a huge puddle of oil under my car. I checked the dip stick. Dry. I used prolong engine treatment since the day I purchased the car and used the engine boost every oil change. But I never filled out your warranty paperwork.
So being an 18 year old college student and flat broke, I decided to drive the car as close to home as possible so that the towing fee wouldnt be so hefty. I hadn’t even thought about prolong at this point. I stayed in the far right lane and kept the car at 55 mph. Just waiting for the worst to happen. The next thing I know im in my driveway with a blown oil pan gasket. So I called a tow truck the next day and had it towed to my local shade tree mechanic. He had no idea about the long drive with no oil because I felt embarrassed. I got a call from him a couple hours later and he asked if I had put a new crate motor in my car recently. I said no why??? He said that the inside of the motor was shiny metal and no sludge! I then told him about the drive home and he thought I was pulling his leg. 30 miles at 55 mph with no oil. I still have the motor today. I eventually put high performance parts on the motor and sold it to my father to pay off the rest of my college debt!
Sincerely, ”
Steven G., Illinois

When introduced to Prolong Waterless Wash & Shine, I was very skeptical of it’s claims…I could not imagine not using water to clean my car. I did give it a try, based on hearing how good it was. I am a believer! I have used the product in the shade, in scorching sun, in the garage, and every time, I get a beautiful shine, reminiscent of a good wax job, without the annoying build-up. I have used it as a touch-up when my wife parks under a tree, and it works on chrome, paint and the painted plastic accents on my truck.
Though the Prolong website FAQS call for terry cloth towels, the microfiber cloths sold at Harbor Freight also do a great job. Love it!

El Paso Bob
It worked better than I expected I have a 2004 Jeep Wrangler with 103000 miles. The engine had a tick on the bottom end which was really noticeable at cold start and remained when running. I odrederd and added a bottle of prolong and drove around town doing errands. The next morning I started the Jeep and no tick. Not even at start up. I was amazed. Ordering more for every vehicle I have. I am also ordering their transmission conditioner and their injector cleaner. Good stuff


If you believe in ProLong as a engine treatment to reduce friction, this is the way to buy it. This quantity makes it more cost effective. I use the Prolong bottle I have had since the last "retail" purchase and I refill the bottle with this gallon jug. That way, I don't have to measure it from the gallon jug each time. Simply pour the ProLong 12 oz bottle into the engine and refill the 12oz bottle with this gallon jug.
Simple math, a 12oz bottle of Prolong at $16.09 for the bottle, which is Amazon's current price, means you are paying $1.34 per ounce when buying it "retail" in the smallest quantity sold. Now, buy it in the gallon size and your cost drops to $0.47 cents per ounce.
I run ProLong in all of my internal combustion engines and this is the cost effective way to buy it. If you aren't familiar with the Prolong product, look into it. I can tell you from my personal experience that it reduces wear on internal engine components. It is particularly helpful during the initial engine start up. It helps to run a high quality oil, but this product is different than oil and actually treats the metal components to reduce friction.   1 Gallon Engine Treatmemt, Bruce Aungst, March 5, 2018

October 12, 2018 Not a Snake Oil! it really works! All I can say a noticeable improvement in performance and mileage ! My son 24 and daughter 18 both called me and asked me what did I do to their cars. I was afraid they were going to complain. However they were amazed at the improvement in their performance, since it was noticeable. I have used it in all of my cars, and shop equipment like lathes, etc. that need forced oil pumped to the job at hand! Amazing results and saving power too.


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