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Prolong Super Lubricants

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I drive a 99 Ford f150 pickup with 250k miles, mostly highway miles out to my oil fields.  I have used Prolong Engine Treatment since I bought the truck every oil change.  After a head gasket issue I broke down the motor. I can’t believe how the bearings and crankshaft are still like new.  I will not be replacing them for the rebuild and I just wanted to call in and say how happy I am with your product. Thank you Prolong

D. Boness, Skiatook Oklahoma

I bought my daughter a Focus and the first thing I did was changed the oil and add Prolong. So a month later she called me and said, “the oil light is on. What should I do?” I told her to pull over immediately and turn the engine off! I asked her, “when did the light come on?” And her response was, “3 days ago...” so I checked the dipstick and it was completely dry! I refilled the oil + Prolong and she kept the car for 2more years!

S. Hill

I have an older Toyota pickup 2wd I bought used at 80k miles. Added Prolong right away into the old oil. On a trip threw the desert the radiator blew and lost all the coolant. I was able to drive it another 60 miles or so before the motor gave out. I know without Prolong, there is no way that truck would have made it to safety. Thank you Prolong!

Charles , AZ

I just sold a 1990  Ford Super Coup with a supercharger that I bought new from ford. I started Prolong half way threw the break in at 250 miles. I also used Prolong in the lines and on the veins of the supercharger. Dealership told me the supercharger would last 60k miles before needing a rebuild. I drove this car hard and 327k miles later its still running strong no issues. Prolong is also in my 2019 Ford diesel 4x4 6.4 liter after the break in at 500 miles. Thank you

C. Erwin Wickenburg AZ

  I have always treated my VW Jetta (2002), with Prolong. I accidentally bumped into a cement parking curb and it popped my oil drain plug out of the oil pan. I was unaware that all of the oil had dumped out on to the ground when I was leaving. I drove 20 miles with no oil in the engine, before the oil indicator light came on the dash. The temperature gauge stayed in the normal range. I pulled over and checked the oil and it was empty. I then looked at the oil pan and noticed the plug missing. My girlfriend watched the whole incident and recovered the oil plug at the time I hit the cement bumper. She tried to call me as I left, but my phone was off. I replaced the oil plug and added new oil. The engine has suffered zero damage and continues to run great.  Again, thanks for saving me my engine. 

W Patty

I just bought a Dodge Ram and the first thing I did, after changing the break in oil, was to add Prolong. I have used Prolong in all of my vehicles and it has been awesome. ( I actually cracked a head gasket and was getting antifreeze into my oil when I was driving from Texas to California with a large U-Haul load behind me in my 65 GTO with a Firebird Ram Air 3 400 motor in it. The head gasket cracked in New Mexico and I drove it all the way to California with no problems before the engine finally gave out. Prolong saved the trip. The stuff is awesome and you have a customer for life. Believe me, I tell EVERYONE about it!

B Lee

The SPL100 has provided significant results. We have used and are continuing to use the SPL 100 in a progressive die that has produced over 250,000 parts and exhibits very little wear. The results have been excellent! Each sample showed minimal signs of rusting after several months of testing."

K. R. Rambler- Manager of Manufacturing Engineering; Simpsonville, S.C.

I have a 2004 Harley Road King. In the Arizona Heat 95-100°F I noticed the oil light came on. I had just changed it recently and added Prolong, so I thought it was a wiring issue or sensor. After 200 miles in the next town, I check the stick and only the very bottom of the stick had any oil on it. I added oil and kept going, and still have the bike today running strong. Amazing Product

G. George AZ

Just wanted to congratulate you on making the Waterless Wash and Shine available over the Internet. This is the greatest detailing product on the market today. My friends and I, mostly new corvette owners, use this stuff religiously and have tried every product on the market from Nothing compares to this product."

R. Pasquale
Prolong Headquarters, Pomona California
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